Reiki Drum Healing

Drumming has been used throughout history. Woven deep into indigenous cultures drumming is used to relax and meditate in ceremonies such as weddings, births, deaths, harvests, initiation ceremonies, achieve a trance like state in shamanism or even promote bravery before going into battle. Drumming is a powerful spiritual tool, the vibrations of a drum beat can encourage the emotional, mental and spiritual energies within our bodies to realign and allow our Chakras to become balanced.

Reiki Drum Healing is a treatment combining the wonderful healing energy of Reiki and the sound therapy of drumming. Using the drum, healing energy is introduced into a personsenergy field to promote deep relaxation and the release of deep seated tension and stress. Here’s the scientific bit- drumming can increase alpha brain waves, inducing a natural ‘high’. When the brain changes from beta waves to alpha waves, this promotes feelings of relaxation and calm. These alpha waves can also produce feelings well-being and euphoria, which may greatly benefit people who suffer from stress mental illness, such as depression and anxiety. By facilitating a sense of peace, scientific research demonstrates that our own body’s cortisol levels and blood pressure are altered positively. Drumming also increases the production of endorphins, our own body’s natural pain killers. 

I offer three different forms of Reiki Healing Drum treatments;

Reiki Drum Healing Session – Visualising a problem, habit, blockage or ailment being released, and the promotion to make necessary changes to prevent its return where possible.

Reiki Drum Mental & Emotional Reprogramming Session (using an affirmation) – This aims to reprogramme negative patterns. Sending a message to your subconscious, to overcome bad habits or to focus the mind on something important.

Reiki Drum Journeying for Guidance – This allows anyone to get answers to personal questions, help you face challenges, promote personal growth, achieve direct revelation and access spiritual guidence.

As a Reiki Practitioner I do not claim to heal. I simply put healing energy into your body to be used as it sees fit for your greater good. Reiki is not a replacement for medical treatment , and no claims are made to cure. I do not diagnose, if you are worried about an ailment or illness please seek medicak advice from your GP.