Gratitude is a skill which requires practice and time. Why should we be grateful, and what benefit is it to us?

By practicing gratitude, we take time to notice and reflect upon things in life that many take for granted. Being grateful and thankful promotes positivity, kindness and compassion, it can even aid restful sleep. Gratitude isn’t just for the big events in life such as getting a new job, finding love with your dream person, it’s about being grateful for the little things too. Gratefulness leads to positivity, and when you yourself are positive, you will attract positivity. Here’s an example, someone may have opened a door for you, give thanks to that person. You saying thank you and being grateful will probably lead to them holding the door open for someone else, or another act of kindness, as opposed to them thinking, ‘whats the point no-one is grateful when I do kind acts’, a friend invites you round and cooks you a meal, they have given up their time and made an effort to create your meal, give thanks. I always feel smiling is under-rated too, a smile costs nothing but can give so much. Your smile may lighten up someones day and give them a feeling of kindness, validation, assurance, or acknowledgement.

Complimenting someone, maybe a colleague on their new hair cut, their new coat or tidy desk, maybe they make a great cup of tea, complimenting spmeone can make a huge difference, I mean who doesnt like to be complimented? It can be a great tool for lifting the spirits, you may even get more tea made for you! It has taken me years to accept a compliment, I always felt unworthy of compliments, thanks to feeling more positive I now accept a compliment with a smile and say thank you.

Now I’m not painting the world while looking through rose tinted specs… although I’d like to, I admit some people or situations are a challenge to see positivity in, and I do have to look much harder at some to see their positives, but when you look hard enough, they are there. Now you can see how being positive and grateful can make the world a nicer place.

Try writing down three things you are grateful for, here are a few examples;

Good health,

It may be you have food in the cupboards,

You are living in a warm house,

You are loved,

You have the children or child you longed for,

You have wonderful friends or family,

Seeing a beautiful sunrise or sunset,

You are able to go for a walk and enjoy fresh air,

You have colourful flowers in your garden.

Whatever you decide to write, give thanks for that situation or person. Personally I like to say ‘Thank you’ three times for each. It reminds me to be grateful and keeps me mindful to be thankful for what I have, as opposed to what I don’t have.

You may like to keep a Gratitude Journel, this is a wonderful way to give thanks, and reflect on the many things you are grateful for throughout the day, month and year.

Make your own Happy Jar of Gratitude Click here for instructions

Love Light and Blessings,

Toni x