I’ve spent hours in crystal shops admiring the different gemstones and crystals. Like me have you ever felt drawn to a certain gemstone?

In many cases, when you feel an attraction to, or a desire to pick up a certain crystal it may be because the crystal has healing properties you are lacking and need in your life.

When you feel drawn or attracted to a certain crystal, it is because some part of your energy vibrations recognize the crystal vibrations that would be beneficial to you. Healing is then facilitated from wearing or holding the crystal and having in within your own energy field.

How does a crystal contain energy? Energy is everywhere, and crystals are the perfect channel, possessing the amazing ability to transform, amplify, absorb, and transmit their energy. Crystal vibrations are known to change depending on the energy surrounding them, so every stone has a unique and different effect on each individual’s energy field / chakra.

Now for the technical bit, crystals produce piezoelectricity, this is the electrical energy produced when the crystal is pressed or vibrated. This is used in everyday items such as a quartz timepiece, a microphone or record player.

Many gemstones are known for their varying healing properties, so whether you are drawn to a certain crystal or simply choose a crystal based on its healing properties, you can be sure to benefit.