How to cleanse your Crystals.

All crystals and gemstones carry energy. However, it is recommended you cleanse and re-programme them from time to time to ensure they are always working with your chosen intention. Doing this allows any negativity that may be absorbed to be dispelled & the gemstones reset ready to be re-programmed with your intention allowing the crystal to continue working with you. I always recleanse mine after someone has touched or held them, they have not been used for a while or when the intention for which I want them to work has changed. Use your intuition as to when this is required you may wish follow one of these recommended cleansing techniques, the below techniques are only suggestions, it’s important to add there is no right or wrong way, you do what feels right for you, as long as a good intention is there, you can’t go astray.

Moonlight – This is a wonderful way to cleanse gemstones, and my favourite go to. Simply leave your crystals outside during a full moon or on the windowsill to allow all the beautiful feminine energy to be absorbed into the crystals. Don’t forget to bring them back in the morning, and either reprogramme them staight away, or place into a velvet pouch or similar protective material until you are ready to programme them.

Running water – Place your crystals under cold running water, for approx 5 minutes. Be mindful some crystals should not be exposed to water for a prolonged period of time. A crystal that is a 5 or below on the Mohs hardness scale should not be put into water for a prolonged periods, as the water may cause your crystal to dissolve or cause cracks. Some harder crystals that contain minerals or iron can rust or release toxins when in contact with water, so extra care should be taken.

Sunlight – Even a cloudy day can cleanse gemstones. Leaving your crystals outside to absorb some of the suns energy be wonderful, Who doesn;t enjoy the warmth of the sun and hoe relaxing it can be? The only caution being some gemstones may fade if left exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods.

Smudging – White sage or other smudge sticks can be used, let the smoke gently cleanse your crystals. An easy way is to place your crystals into a small net bag that can be held over the smoke. Allow the smoke to pass around the crystals. Be careful not to get too close to the heat source, it just needs smoke, not heat. Again use your intention as to how long is long enough.

Sound Energy – Sound is a great fun way to cleanse crystals. Tingshas, singing bowls, drums, are a wonderful way to dispell negativity from a crystal. Simply introduce the sound source over the crystals. As above let your intuition guide you as to how long is long enough.

Intention – To cleanse by intention, simply hold your crystal in your non dominant hand with your other cupping over the top. You may wish to mediate before setting your intention to reset the crystal. Focus your mental and emotional energy on the crystal calling upon the universe, your guides &/or Angels and Archangels however feels right for you to cleanse and reset your gemstones, ask for any negativity to be cleared. This request should be stated three times.

Try some of these affirmations…

‘May all energies that are no longer serving a purpose be released, I am nourished by a comforting golden light, working with the highest good, I am restored’

‘I release all that is not love, dispelling any negativity, I breathe in light, love and wisdom’

‘I am complete, I accept myself, I believe in myself, I am love’

I am protected within a healing light, I absorb positivity, I am healthy, I am happy’

Love, Light and blessings.

Toni x