How to use Chakra Crystals.

Chakra crystals are placed on each of your seven chakras, to aid bringing your body’s chakra energy into balance. They can be used along with meditation, kept on your person, or simply placed under your pillow when sleeping.

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Chakra Placement

How to cleanse Crystals.

All crystals / gemstones carry energy. However, from time to time, I recommend cleansing your bracelet. This allows any negativity absorbed to be dispelled & the gemstones reset to continue working with you maintaining your chakra balance, use your intuition as to when this is required and simply follow one of these recommended cleansing techniques.

Moonlight – This is a wonderful way to cleanse gemstones, simply leave your bracelet outside during a full moon, not forgetting to bring it back in, and placing it back onto your wrist in the morning.

Running water – Hold your bracelet under cold running water, for approx. 5 minutes.

Sunlight – Even a cloudy day can cleanse gemstones, be wary as some gemstones may fade if left exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods.

Intention – To cleanse by intention, simply hold your bracelet in your non dominant hand with your other cupping over the top. Focus your mental energy on the gemstones calling upon the universe, your guides &/or Angels to cleanse and recharge your gemstones, asking for any negativity to be cleared.

Smudging – White sage or other smudge sticks can be used, let the smoke gently cleanse your bracelet be careful not to get too close to the heat source, it just needs smoke, not heat.

Each crystal pack includes seven crystals, presented in a pouch complete with information regarding the use and care of your crystals.